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Response time for email should be within 24 hours. Response time for mail sent through the U.S., German or Italian postal systems will vary. Operating hours for phone calls is Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Offices are normally closed all weekends and U.S. federal holidays. For emergency assistance, please call the Brigade Staff Duty desk at DSN 314-646-3000/3100 or +39(0)444-71-3000/3100.


Mailing address:
173rd ABN
Unit 31401 Box 53
APO AE 09630

173rd ABN Public Affairs
DSN: 314-637-4052
Comm: +39-0444-66-4052
Email: usarmy.usag-italy.173-abn-bde.list.bde-pao@mail.mil

Brigade Staff Duty:
DSN: 314-637-4098/4099
Comm: +39-0444-66-4098/4099

1-503rd Staff Duty:
DSN: 314-634-6450
Comm: +39-0444-71-6450

2-503rd Staff Duty:
DSN: 314-637-4211
Comm: +39-0444-66-4211

1-91st Staff Duty:
DSN: 314-475-9533
Comm: 0964-183-9533
From the US: 011-49-09641-83-9533

4-319th Staff Duty:
DSN: 314-475-4330
Comm: 09641-83-4330
From the US: 011-49-9641-83-4330

54th BEB Staff Duty:
DSN: 314-469-8702
Comm: 0951-300-8702

173rd BSB Staff Duty:
DSN: 314- 637-4311
Comm: +39-0444-66-4311